Vedic Astrology Online Readings

Jyotish is the ancient Indian science of astrology. Every person is unique and the horoscope shows their own special qualities. Consulting one’s astrological chart with the help of a Vedic astrologer can help you align your actions with the potential present in your horoscope and thus maximize your chances for success.


Online Consultations

Jyotish Astrology appointments are now offered through an online meeting.

100% of the revenues support Amma’s humanitarian activities worldwide. The astrologers are volunteers and provide consultations entirely as a service to MA Center, taking no payment for themselves

The astrologers have traveled and lived with Amma for many years. They have many years of experience offering consultations to clients from many countries. All of them speak English (US/ UK).

Amrita Yoga

Online Classes

Amrita Yoga is a school of yoga inspired by unconditional love and an attitude of service to the world. Amrita Yoga offers a holistic approach, focused on Awareness with Heart-centered Intention aiming to transcend the physical asana practice.

Amrita Yoga Online

We are excited to offer online classes to serve Amrita Yoga aspirants around the world during these times. These classes will be offered via Zoom, please familiarize yourself with the technology before the online class. You can find instructions on how to install and use Zoom in this website: Zoom help. Please email info at if you need assistance setting it up. We will email you the link to join 45 minutes before the beginning of the class. Class sizes will be limited so please sign up early.

Amrita Silent Retreats Online

Virtual Satsangs and More

Amma often says, “Meditation is as precious as gold. Not a single moment spent in meditation is wasted.” She encourages us to imbibe these simple words so we can attain the greatest wealth in life – genuine and lasting happiness. She constantly reminds us that the purpose of human life is Self Realization and to use what time we have to strive for this goal.

Online Retreats

In response to the current pandemic and widespread travel restrictions, Amma has asked that Amrita Silent Retreats be made available online for her devotees around the world. Throughout these challenging times, Amma has been consistently encouraging us to maintain our daily spiritual practice, to accept the present moment with gratitude, to pray and meditate for world peace, and to remain optimistic and self confident. This online program provides a way for participants to connect with Amma in a palpable way. As Amma herself often reminds us, “where there is love, there is no distance.” All sessions will be broadcast live from Amritapuri.

Join us today!

Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life. Join us on your journey to learn something new. No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged! Courses will be offered on an eLearning platform developed for online education in India and across the globe.