Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

Conversational Malayalam Course

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Malayalam is an Indian language spoken in the state of Kerala that is Amma’s native language. Join us on a journey to learn Malayalam through the communicative approach. Keeping Amma as the center point, we will learn how to speak with Her in Malayalam

About Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

We are excited to present conversational Malayalam classes which teach communicating with Amma. Amma knows how much her children yearn to speak with her in her mother tongue Malayalam. So, in the spirit of connecting to Amma through conversation, we have designed a short Malayalam course for you.

We are confident you will acquire many new words and phrases in various contexts related to Amma. You can use these words to speak with Amma in your heart or cherish the opportunity to use them the next time you see her. The lessons will be small manageable segments about a wide range of topics that are of practical or emotional interest to you, Amma and Her children. You will learn how to better understand Amma when she speaks, and also phrases to help you speak to her directly.

This is not only a language module but also a spiritual practice as all the learning is geared towards conversing with and about Amma. In this way, you not only learn Malayalam but also bring Amma into your heart.

Course Overview
  • Week 1: Introductory segment on nature

  • Week 2 -7: Segments on popular concerns devotees bring to Amma, learning to speak about career, family, health etc.

  • Weekly modules with simulated role play and dialog with Amma

  • Vocabulary acquisition and listening comprehension built in to the modules.
  • Module length approximately 20 – 30 minutes
  • Modules are designed for students to pace themselves and practice as often as they are able to to achieve proficiency. They can be saved and revisited as often as needed.

Beginners welcome


Amritapushpa N.: Native Malayalam speaker who volunteers her time and experience in service to Amma and her devotees.

The Art of Natural Plant Dyeing

6 Weeks

Welcome to the world of natural dyeing!

Take part in a series of classes where you will be introduced to the process of dyeing with plants, roots, and flowers from our own Saraswati Garden in Amritapuri.


About Art of Natural Plant Dyeing

Amrita Natural Plant Dyeing is an in-depth exploration into the art of dyeing on fabric by applying various techniques such as flower bundle technique, eco print, and plain dye, compost kitchen scraps, solar dyeing and making your own pigment paint and sacred textiles with your own designs as you follow your own intuition . You will learn how to fix your materials using cotton and silk fibers to make a natural face mask with medicinal plants.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of dyeing starting from the collection and identification of roots and plants, to making your own plant/flower based pigment paints, to designing your own fabrics using basic block/eco printing and creating your own intuitive heart based sacred fibers using your own connection to the earth.

Join us as we explore the magic of nature.

Course Overview
  • Take a virtual tour of our Saraswati Garden
  • Learn about the health benefits of each plant and herb for your dyes
  • Explore the various dyeing and design techniques
  • Get a hands-on training on how to cook, dye and care for the different kinds of fibers 
  • Learn recipes for your dyes
  • Design final product with block/ printing , painting and opening up to your creativity.
Prerequisite & Materials Needed

All-levels welcome. You’ll need a plain white face mask or a white garment in cotton or silk to make final product. 

Basic Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn the basic principles of Ayurvedic cooking and how to incorporate traditional methods into your lifestyle. Get back to basics!

About Basic Ayurvedic Cooking

Author and food expert Shama Gandhi has inspired new cooks to experiment and make nutritious and wholesome home cooked meals for decades. She has written three books:
-Pray, Cook and Eat
-An Offering
-Another Offering

In this course, you will be guided through the basic principles of Ayurvedic cooking and learn practical ways to incorporate traditional cooking methods. She teaches how to infuse Amma’s teachings into the cooking experience that benefits both the cook and those who eat the food!

Course Overview
  • Overview of Ayurvedic cooking
  • Selecting wholesome ingredients
  • Making the kitchen a sacred space
  • Infusing traditional techinques into modern cooking.

No experience necessary. Some recipes will require a blender or other basic kitchen equipment.

Amritopasana: Devotional Art

Learn the basics of drawing the different forms of the Hindu deities from a space of deep devotion, while tuning into the symbolism of each one.

About Amritopasana: Devotional Art
Art  is a way of connecting to God. Creativity fill us with  enthusiasm and refreshes our whole being. This course is a combination of Indian culture and art. The idea is to learn the simple symbolism of the Divine Deities while learning to draw them. Spirituality is like a user manual for life. It teaches us how to live in harmony with ourselves and our suroundings.Divine art is one of the paths of spirituality-as the artist can focus fully and then lose herself in the form of the Divine that she draws.
Course Overview

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Beginners welcome. 

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Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life. Join us on your journey to learn something new. No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged! Courses will be offered on an eLearning platform developed for online education in India and across the globe.